My passion is coaching women to be strong and feel beautiful from the inside out!



Lifestyle Living with Kelley

This online coaching program is designed to keep you accountable with weekly
phone calls, FB group chats, and check ins.  Whether you live near or far, we will
work together on your goals.  You will receive my full grocery list along with
guidelines, a workout training plan,  and a complete custom nutrition plan.
All workouts can be done at home or in your own gym.




summer love

12 Weeks of Self Love

This 12 week program is a week by week nutrition plan that teaches clean eating along with 5 HIIT workouts that can be done at home or in your own gym.  The workouts are all under 30 minutes but they are fat burning and calorie torching!  By following this weekly program, you will gain strength, shed fat, lean out, and learn how fueling your body with the proper portions can produce amazing results!

Bikinis and Barbells

BikiniBarbell1BikiniBarbell2If you want to take your fitness to the next level, this intense program is for you!  Get bikini ready in 8-12 weeks with a a full custom nutrition plan, 6 weight training bikini workouts, abs, extra booty work, and check ins to keep you accountable.  This package will get you ready to strut that bikini on the beach.

You might also want to book a photo shoot or enter a fitness competition if you dare!  I can provide all the info to get you started.




Kelley Tyan

Kelley Tyan